Home Visits

Home visits are undertaken at the clinical discretion of the doctors for those patients who are housebound or are genuinely too ill to come to the practice. If the patient has a temperature or rash, coming to the practice is unlikely to pose a risk either to the patient or to others.

If you feel that you need to be visited at home, please contact us before 10:30 on the day in question if at all possible. When you request a home visit, the receptionist will ask you for brief details as this information enables the doctors to plan their calls and allows urgent visits to be dealt with promptly. In some cases the doctor will telephone you before making the visit in order to assess your condition as advice from the doctor by telephone may be all that is required to deal with a problem.

Home visits are normally carried out after the morning surgeries have finished although non-urgent visits may be deferred until another day. We realise that most patients do try to come to the practice if they can, and we are very grateful for this.